Provincetown to Plymouth

We had a very pleasant time in Provincetown. We stayed a bit longer than expected due to the crappy weather which lead to the opportunity to visit with Bonni’s relatives a bit more. The storm that blew through was nasty and cold but the mooring was secure and we experienced no problems. It was a bouncy night though.IMG_0402IMG_0403IMG_0405IMG_0406IMG_0408IMG_0409

Today we departed to Plymouth. We had a delightful ride across cape cod bay dodging lobster traps all the way. We fueled at the commercial dock where they don’t have soft fenders along every inch of the wharf so we got our first scratch. We are using our reciprocal privileges at the Plymouth Yacht Club. We toured the town including a visit to Plymouth Rock. Tonight we attended a hamburger and hot dog fund raiser for youth sailing at the pYC and met some lovely folks. Btw, cocktails were $4.00 beer $2.75…we have returned to the boat and listening to a band doing sea chantys from the park on shore. The cruising life is pretty good!

Woods Hole to Wellfleet to Provincetown

On July 19th we departed Woods Hole, passed through the Cape Cod Canal and sailed to Wellfleet to visit with Bonni’s relatives. Contrary to the guidance in our Waterways guide book, Wellfleet was not a good harbor for us. It is in desperate need of dredging and the mooring field was inadequate for our boat. After asking me about our draft the harbormaster had assigned us to buoy #1 and when we got situated on our mooring the wind was blowing pretty hard. Bonni did a great job snagging the pennant but noted that she thought we were a bit close to the neighboring boat. Since the harbormaster was gone for the night it wasn’t possible to ask further questions about swing room, depth etc. At about 0115 I heard a bang and hustled out on deck to find that the neighboring fish boat (a small Grady White) was banging into our boat. I also noticed that there was very little water in the harbor…like it was dry 20′ feet away from us! We spent the remainder of the night on deck fending off the Grady White and monitoring our depth. Not fun. (We did not anchor as the anchorage was outside the breakwater and partially exposed especially if there was a change in wind direction.)

we left Wellfleet in the morning on the rising tide and due to lack of wind motored to P-town. The harbor doesn’t allow anchoring so we took a mooring buoy at Flyer’s. This is a very friendly facility with well maintained equipment and a great Scottish-born manager Malcolm. We have been very satisfied with our stay here.

We have done a fair amount of sightseeing here. Bonni and I rode our bikes about 15 miles and did some exploring and on another day took the boat out around the “hook” part of the cape and were lucky enough to see some Minke whales. Bonni’s relatives were with us and we all had a great time which included some swimming off the boat. We also climbed the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, which was built between 1907 and 1910, to commemorate the first landfall of the Pilgrims in 1620, and the signing of the Mayflower Compact in Provincetown Harbor. This 252-foot-7.5-inch-tall campanile is the tallest all-granite structure in the United States, and is part of the Provincetown Historic District. The view from the top was impressive and the related museum at the base was very well done. We ended the day with a trip to Wellfleet proper and a seafood dinner at the summer home of the cousins.

Tomorrow is supposed to be stormy so we’ll spend another day here then head to Plymouth on Tuesday.IMG_0377IMG_0394IMG_0395IMG_0396IMG_0397IMG_0398IMG_0401

Hyannis to Woods Hole

Last night we had a near calamity. At about 2045 hours I called for the HYC launch to take Stewie and me to shore. As I was about to board the launch I looked down and noticed that our dinghy was no longer where I had tied it up! The launch driver and I went looking and the southern wind had blown the skiff up on a nearby beach! No damage to the dinghy. I’ll be doubling up on the knot going forward.

This morning we woke up to thick fog and couldn’t get underway until noon. We had a lovely cruise up to Woods Hole. What a neat spot! While our Waterways Guide indicated an anchorage almost the entire bay was taken up by mooring balls. It was starting to get late and going to the next anchorage would require that we transit through the narrows against the current. Fortunately a local was sitting on his boat and pointed out a vacant mooring ball owned by a friend who’s off cruising. We nabbed it and it will hopefully hold us for the night.

We then went to the beach and had a very tasty shore dinner at Shuckers where they offered a Tuesday night special that included two small lobsters for the price of one. Also included was corn, clams and mussels. Washed down with a local lager. Yum. After dinner we attended a hootenanny. Turns out that the Marine Biological Lab club has been hosting this sing alongside during the summer months for over 50 years. It was started by Phyllis Switzer Goldstein who originally came to Woods Hole when her husband was a student. Great fun even though I wasn’t wearing Birkenstock sandals.

Tomorrow we visit the labs and aquarium. IMG_0358IMG_0360IMG_0365IMG_0363

Bristol to Hyannis

Today we motored 45 miles from Bristol to Hyannis in very light wind and basically flat seas. The most exciting part of the day was going through Wood’s Hole where we attained speeds of 11 kts at half throttle. We are now moored at Hyannis YC which is quite nice.

We had dinner at Baxter’s in downtown Hyannis and walked around with Carol, Dave and Stewie. Speaking of Stewart we cannot get over how many people want to meet him or ask questions about him. We’ve started to think that perhaps he should become the featured sailor here!

dave and carol head back to Vancouver tomorrow and we’re going to miss them a great deal. They are experienced cruisers, carol is a phenomenal cook, and they are both easy to be with on a boat…it’s been a great 9 days and we are already thinking about when they can return. IMG_0337IMG_0335IMG_0336

Bristol, RI

After a lovely visit Sam Alpert left us in Newport this a.m. We had a great visit and will miss him!

Yesterday the stunningly beautiful s/v Sophie anchored next to us. As you can see from the photo below, they had some recent technical problems: crew members report that there was a spreader failure which lead to the dismasting. Theirs was a carbon fiber mast constructed to look like wood. Ouch! $$$

Based upon excellent weather routing and recommendations by Chris Parker, we decided to forego our planned voyage to Martha’s Vineyard today. Instead we ambled up Narragansett Bay to Bristol RI in increasing winds. IMG_0332IMG_0333IMG_0334We are now safely moored at the Bristol YC with gusty winds, rain and thunder and lightening all around us. Heading to MV would not have been fun. Stewie is a bit scared. Bad weather forecast through tomorrow. Plenty to do here in Bristol including the herreschoff museum. IMG_0329IMG_0330IMG_0331IMG_0328

Newport, RI

Today we attempted to sail from Newport to Martha’s Vineyard but we encountered pea soup fog and had to return to Newport Harbor. I busied myself with boat work while Sam, Bonni, Dave, Carol and Stewie did some more exploring including a visit to the Newport YC. All in all a good place to hole up for a few days.