Reflections on the Coast of Maine

We have now been in Maine for nearly one week. We picked up Ralph on August 1 in Portsmouth and have slowly made our way to the beautiful town of Camden. All is well!

Two occurances of special note. We went into Rockland on Friday expecting to spend a quiet night in the harbor before moving on to Camden. We noticed a Ferris wheel on shore but did not realize that we have come to Rockland in the midst of the 70th annual Maine Lobster Festival. There were rides, games, crafts, and of course seafood. We decided to take a walk around and then chose to stay for dinner. It was a mass production deal but the food was good. As we were preparing to leave the announcer got on the PA to remind people to be sure to attend the live music which was provided by Felix Cavaliere and the Rascals. I asked Bon and Ralph to humor me and hang around for a few minutes. The Rascals were a high school favorite but I suspected that the show would be a dud lead by an old fart grinder who lost his mojo long ago.  We stayed for the entire show and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the band and especially with Cavaliere’s energy (he is 75), the quality of his voice and his seeming pleasure in performing.  This is just the type of unexpected surprise that I love about cruising.

We wound our way through the myriad of lobster pots and intense fog to get to Camden. I had fond memories of this beautiful town from my youth and the current reality did not disappoint. This is the quintessential New England town (the original Peyton Place was filmed here) and has not been over run with junk shops and kitsch like Boothbay Harbor. The Camden Yacht Club, which was founded in 1906, boasts a beautiful club house designed by John Calvin Stevens and erected in 1912. Very friendly people and a great mooring field where we rode out our first lightening storm.

In the fortuitous event department, we had an unplanned visit with a close friend of Bonni’s mother, Anita Zeno, who runs the lovely Belmont Inn in Camden. Great to see her and catch up and hope to see more of her in the future.

We also met up with my brother Jordan and his wife Debbie for dinner. It was a fun gathering…the first of many over the next few weeks.

Today we have a good sailing breeze and we are heading to Buck’s Harbor and our exploration of the Penobscot Bay Area. Ralph will complete his journey with us here but we will be visiting with Carol and him over the next several days (including a planned day trip circumnavigating Deer Isle). Mary Hickey joins us on Monday as well. More later.


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