Provincetown to Plymouth

We had a very pleasant time in Provincetown. We stayed a bit longer than expected due to the crappy weather which lead to the opportunity to visit with Bonni’s relatives a bit more. The storm that blew through was nasty and cold but the mooring was secure and we experienced no problems. It was a bouncy night though.IMG_0402IMG_0403IMG_0405IMG_0406IMG_0408IMG_0409

Today we departed to Plymouth. We had a delightful ride across cape cod bay dodging lobster traps all the way. We fueled at the commercial dock where they don’t have soft fenders along every inch of the wharf so we got our first scratch. We are using our reciprocal privileges at the Plymouth Yacht Club. We toured the town including a visit to Plymouth Rock. Tonight we attended a hamburger and hot dog fund raiser for youth sailing at the pYC and met some lovely folks. Btw, cocktails were $4.00 beer $2.75…we have returned to the boat and listening to a band doing sea chantys from the park on shore. The cruising life is pretty good!

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