Hyannis to Woods Hole

Last night we had a near calamity. At about 2045 hours I called for the HYC launch to take Stewie and me to shore. As I was about to board the launch I looked down and noticed that our dinghy was no longer where I had tied it up! The launch driver and I went looking and the southern wind had blown the skiff up on a nearby beach! No damage to the dinghy. I’ll be doubling up on the knot going forward.

This morning we woke up to thick fog and couldn’t get underway until noon. We had a lovely cruise up to Woods Hole. What a neat spot! While our Waterways Guide indicated an anchorage almost the entire bay was taken up by mooring balls. It was starting to get late and going to the next anchorage would require that we transit through the narrows against the current. Fortunately a local was sitting on his boat and pointed out a vacant mooring ball owned by a friend who’s off cruising. We nabbed it and it will hopefully hold us for the night.

We then went to the beach and had a very tasty shore dinner at Shuckers where they offered a Tuesday night special that included two small lobsters for the price of one. Also included was corn, clams and mussels. Washed down with a local lager. Yum. After dinner we attended a hootenanny. Turns out that the Marine Biological Lab club has been hosting this sing alongside during the summer months for over 50 years. It was started by Phyllis Switzer Goldstein who originally came to Woods Hole when her husband was a student. Great fun even though I wasn’t wearing Birkenstock sandals.

Tomorrow we visit the labs and aquarium. IMG_0358IMG_0360IMG_0365IMG_0363

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