Newport, RI

To the visiting yachtsman Newport is like nirvana. The sheer number of beautiful boats is almost overwhelming. Today we went on a walking tour of the historic part of the city and we also visited the boatyard that is home (or at least temporary home) to the J boats as well as a host of other beauties.

The J boats were originally built in the 1930s for america’s cup racing and I believe that about 10 of these 130′ loa beauties were constructed. By the 1980s only three were left but there was an interest in reviving the class so some well-heeled racers built six new ones. They are spectacular.

Jim Clarke’s (Netscape, Silicon Graphics, s/v Comanche etc.) 260′ boat Athena was also at the yard today.  Beautiful. As you can see below, the 62′ Gunboat, s/v Elvis was also present. Great day!IMG_0312IMG_0314IMG_0316IMG_0320IMG_0321IMG_0322IMG_0323IMG_0324

One thought on “Newport, RI”

  1. Irv,
    PAM and I visited Newport a few years ago on a Canada, New England cruise. The old historic section is amazing and when we were there they had a reunion of some of the old America’s Cup skippers, including Ted Turner and Dennis Connor, racing some of the classic J Boats. What a sight that was. Sounds like you’re all having a great time.


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